Funerary Archaeology Summer Course

16-27 July 2018, Santa Coloma d’Àger

On July 16 will start the Funerary Archaeology Scientific Days at the necropolis of Santa Coloma d’Àger (la Noguera, Catalonia), a big sacred space conformed through Santa Coloma’s Basilica (6th-7th century). This course is directed and realized by Jesús Brufal (UdL), Àngela González (UdL) and Marina Sánchez.

The space was uninterruptedly used from fifth to eleventh century, so the Christian society living in the Àger valley overcame the adaptation to two important transitions: from the Visigoth Kingdom to the configuration of Al-Andalus, and from then to the completely feudalized counties society.

The course will offer to Archaeology, History and Art History students basic formation and methodology related to funerary archaeology through camp activity and laboratory tasks.

The registration period is over, but you can contribute with an economic donation to support this course and its archaeological research, during and after the excavations. Ask for the IBAN code in to make a donation and you’ll receive a copy of the Scientific Memory. However, if you facilitate your fiscal data you’ll receive the corresponding tax deductions certificate.

Thank you for your contribution and for making this research possible!