The Association of Historians of the Crown of Aragon (Societas Historicorum Coronae Aragonum, HISCOAR) aims to contribute to facilitating relations and exchanges between researchers who, anywhere in the world, focus their research on the Crown of Aragon.

TO CONTACT US: info@hiscoar.org

Events of the Crown of Aragon

Exhibition “Rixes, bregues i parcialitats”. More Information
Exhibition “Endinsa’t a l’Edat Mitjana! Societat i cultura a la Mallorca medieval”. More Information
Exhibition “Drassanes i galeres”. More Information

More information: info@hiscoar.org
Girona, 2-3 February 2023
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XIV Seminari d’Estudis Medievals. Taula de debat (curs 2022-2023)
More Information
Virtual Seminars (Universitat de Lleida)
More Information
Seminars Monestir de la Valldigna 2023
Virtual Seminars (Universitat de Girona)
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