Outstanding Activity

SEAL HISCOAR OF OUSTANDING ACTIVITY is a non-fundable scholarship that recognizes a significant level of quality of scientific events on the Crown of Aragon. This iniciative, as well as the redefinition of the Hiscoar Quality Seal ensures good recognition to the scientific activities led by Hiscoar members.

How to apply:

1.An authorized person of the event should send an e-mail to info@hiscoar.org with the
following information:
a) Details about the scientific event: Objectives, speakers, programme, location, etc.

2.The Board of Directors or a committee delegated by them will assess the application
according to the following criteria:
a) Quality and innovation of the objectives.
b) Quality and diversity of the speakers.
c) Participation of members of Hiscoar in the event’s Board.
d) Opening the event to assistants.
e) Other related considerations.  

3. HISCOAR Administrative Manager will notify the decision to the applicants. In case
of a positive evaluation, Seal Hiscoar of outstanding Activity will be sent to the authorized person by e-mail.

4. Seal Hiscoar of Outstanding Activity should be placed among the information and promotion of the

Seal Hiscoar of Outstanding Activity granted