Expresividad, sentimiento y emoción (siglos XII-XV)

Expresividad, sentimiento y emoción (siglos XII-XV)
Funding: Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad del Gobierno de España (HAR2016-75028-P)
IP: Flocel Sabaté
Researchers: Simon Doubleday, Paul Freedman, Isable Grifoll, Hermenegildo Fernandes, Juilian Acebrón, Xavioer Terrado, Alberto Velasco, Joan Busqueta, Karen Stöber,Francesc Fité, Francesca Español, Màrius Bernadó, Esther Martí, Herminia Vilar, Luciano Gallinari, Sandra Cáceres Millán, Albert Cassanyes Roig, Antonio Porcheddu, Guillem Roca Cabau
Abstract: Expression, feeling and emotion serve as intersecting lines which form the starting point for an interdisciplinary study of late medieval society, both in terms of discourses of power and its reception, and in terms of daily life, including the development of individuality, the balance between the religious and the profane, the strengthening of the bonds of group solidarity, and various collective responses to the diverse situations generated in the late Middle Ages. This requires an analysis which considers the interdisciplinary complexity as well as a strong international outlook. The internationalisation of the project is addressed in its approach and development, and in the dissemination of its results. The project will be developed by an interdisciplinary team consisting of historians, art historians, and philologists (language and literature), who share a long career of collaborative research and who have undertaken investigative work, which forms the basis of the present proposal, during the preceding triennia. This previous experience, moreover, enables us to draw upon appropriate instrumental and IT equipment to initiate the present project. Previous studies carried out by the same research group, which have investigated the processes of identity, memory and ideology, and the consolidation of authority, have led to an appreciation of the very diverse manifestations of expression and emotion in the later Middle Ages. For the upcoming triennium we therefore propose, via the present research project, to carry out a study investigating expression, feeling and emotion along the following lines: 1.- the monastic cloister; 2.- literature; 3.- literary oneirology; 4.- language; 5.- devotion within the framework of ecclesiastical spaces; 6.- cults of saints; 7.- the instrumentalisation of the cult of images in political and municipal power; 8.- music and dance; 9.- the image of the peasantry; 10.- urban expression;11.- the processes of collective identification; 12.- the training in Studium Generale and its environment; 13.- popular expression, especially aggression; 14.- political uses of feeling and emotion. The diversity of this combination will be brought together with the help of a database, created to facilitate interdisciplinary research.
Period: 2017-2019
Website: http://www.medieval.udl.cat/en/research/National-research-Projects/